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I am a huge fan of  China Glaze as their polish formulas are always so smooth and so easy to work with.  Also, their color selection is always fabulous.  But I was even more intrigued than usual for the new fall polishes when I saw that the new Metro Collection was inspired by my city; the one and only NYC.  Because of this, I knew I had to have them all!  As I wear them during the fall and winter, I will go into more detail on each color, well the ones I end up keeping, but now I just want to get the photos up for a few of my friends who have been waiting on them.


Second Up Metro Downtown


China Glaze metro Downtown


Now this was the part of the collection I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into or rather my nails.  If you want a night of fun in NYC, Downtown is where you’ll find it.  Downtown has no rules and neither do many of these colors.  This group of colors completely captures the intrigue and fashion forward magic of Downtown.


Skyscraper is up first and I can almost end this blog entry here!  I can’t believe how amazing this polish is!  It reminds me of the now bye bye Starry Starry Nights.  After putting this on, I did not want to remove it!  It’s a beautiful dark, bluish based nail polish with blue and silver glitter and it completely captures the NYC skyline at dusk.  Now this is how you put out a nail polish color, China Glaze!





Concrete Catwalk is a great name because living in NYC it sometimes feels that way.  The color itself is a creme based dark, grayish color with a smidgen of blue.  I have to be honest, this one is not one of my favorite of the group.  Gray nail polish never really looks good on my skin tone, but I am still looking…


Concrete Catwalk

Concrete Catwalk


I know what it’s like to be a Westside Warrior, trust me!  This is a camouflage green which is unique.  It matches the name, but this didn’t do much for me much like Concrete Catwalk.  I guess I’m just not a true warrior at heart but I ‘m still a good person…


Westside Warrior

Westside Warrior Swatches


Trendsetter is one of the most unique colors I have ever seen.  When I originally saw this color I hated it.  It looked like it once was an extra on the set of the Exorcist or belonged in a diaper in a nursery.  I know, so cruel.  But honest!  Here’s the deal, when I tried it on, I couldn’t believe how great this color is!  Yes, it’s fantastic and so damn edgy!  I can’t even begin to describe this color, but I’ll give it a go.  It’s sort of a greenish, mustard color with a slight shimmer.  Yeah it sounds terrible but looks so cool!  Sorry for doubting you Trendsetter, you live up to your name!  I love this color!





Loft-y Ambitions is a dark burgundy color with a slight frost when in the light.  This isn’t a color that will make you stop dead in your tracks or anything, but it’s a nice burgundy for your collection if you don’t already have one.  If you do, you can probably skip this one.


Loft-y Ambitions

Loft-y Ambitons

Reds are So Hard to Photograph so More Loft-y


Last but definitely not least is Midtown Magic.  Unbelievable!  This along with Skyscraper and Trendsetter make we want to cry in joy!   Midtown Magic is a dark burgundy brown based nail polish with gold and red flecks.  It’s so cool, especially under the lights.  This is perfect for winter and I can’t wait to wear this little gem over and over again.  It really gives you that Midtown Broadway feel that I live for!  Fabulous, darling!


Midtown Magic

Midtown Magic

Midtown Extreme Close Up


So that completes the China Glaze Downtown Metro Collection.  Though there were a few that didn’t leave that great of an impression, Trendsetter, Skyscraper and Midtown Magic are right up my crazy alley.  These are the true standouts in the Downtown Collection.  Thank you China Glaze!


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I am a huge fan of China Glaze as their polish formulas are always so smooth and easy to work with and their color selections are always so fabulous.  But I was even more intrigued than usual when I saw that the new Metro Collection was inspired by my city the one and only NYC.  Because of this, I knew I had to have them all!  As I wear them all, in the fall and winter, I will go into more detail on each color, well the ones I end up keeping, but now I just want to get the photos up for a few of my friends who have been waiting on them.


First Up Metro Uptown


CG 2011 Uptown Metro


What I love about this collection is that it captures Uptown NYC perfectly.  The colors are mostly reds and pinks, nothing too wild because that wouldn’t be appropriate for that section of NYC.  If you’ve ever been uptown, especially on the East Side, you know what I am talking about.  Everything is very sensible.  If you’re looking for edge, this isn’t your hood.

CG in the City is the wildest polish in the posh Metro Uptown Collection.  Even so, it’s still very docile for a glitter and quite lovely.  It goes on easily for a glitter and I can’t keep staring at my nails.  Great little color for layering though it’s hard to photograph as the sparkles kept messing with my camera.  Good times!


CG in the City

CG in the City Swatches


Urban Nights is the medium eggplant purple of the group.  When I first saw it in the bottle, I wasn’t so sure as it didn’t seem that exciting.  But after actually wearing it, I can say it’s such a rich, sophisticated, pretty, purple.  It will be perfect once Autumn hits and I can’t wait to wear this color again.


Urban Nights

Urban Nights


Traffic Jam is a fuchsia color in the bottle, but more of a mature barbie pink on the nails when in direct light.  Being an ex-tomboy I wanted to hate this color so much but couldn’t.  It really is pretty and feminine without being too obnoxious.  This is a great playful color, though it may be more suited for spring or summer, but if you’re a rebel you’ll enjoy it year round.


Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam


Oh City Siren, I have heard your call and it’s usually coming from me after hanging in the village way too late.  But wait, this is Uptown!  This is a classic red for your collection if you’re missing one, but to be honest with you, there really is nothing new or inventive with this color.  I do like the color, it just doesn’t really brings anything new to the table that we haven’t seen before.  Still, a classic red never goes out of style and the name is fantastic.


City Siren

City Siren


Brownstone is a brownish red brick color making it a darker more muted red.  I don’t know how I feel about this one.  In the bottle, it didn’t grab my attention and on my nails, it didn’t fare much better.  I think it maybe better suited for someone with a warmer skin tone than someone with a cool tone like myself.  I may end up having to let this one go though I do love the name as the shade does capture the essence of a brownstone.




Street Chic is a fantastic latte brown color.  I love this and will be wearing this during the fall without hesitation.  Yes, the color has been done before but not quite like this.  Sometimes, I feel that many browns can be unflattering on pale skin tones like myself, but this one compliments it.  I think this screams classy NYC professional.


Street Chic

Street Chic Swatches


All in all, I am very happy with the Uptown Collection and feel it really captures the essence of Uptown on so many levels. Though the colors are all lovely the stand outs would have to be Street Chic for being so elegant, Urban Nights for its eggplant purple goodness and CG in the City which will make those who love nail polish layering very happy.



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Twice a year, I roll into Bath and and Body Works for their amazing semi annual sale.  Going in, I have a list of items I want.  Once I’m there, I convince myself that the list is severely lacking and pile 10 million different things into my mesh blue bag.   Unfortunately, what usually ends up happening is they put certain scents on sale without the intention of ever bringing them back which stinks.  They lure me in with scents, make me fall in love and then l have to say goodbye.  Well this July was no different.  So I would now like to honor two wonderful scents I will never get the opportunity to ever buy again.


1st up Butterfly Flower:

Butterfly Flower Lotion


Why, just why?  Seriously, I love this scent.  At first, I wasn’t sure as it has a very strong, sweet scent when you first apply it, but then once it mellows out, it is just beautiful and feminine.  The key notes are: French Mimosa Petals, Asian Syringa Flower, Luscious Tangerine, Tenufolia Orchid.  I don’t know what half of these scents are but they make one great lotion! Okay, now this may be strange, but I swear I can smell a hint of banana in there.  I know, I know, it’s strange, but I swear it’s in there!  This beautiful scent has staying power and moisturizes perfectly.  It was a win win!  Oh, B&BW, why?  Butterfly Flower you quickly became one of my favorite scents at B&BW, you will be missed.


2nd Up Wild Honeysuckle:

Wild Honeysuckle Lotion


And you got rid of this scent why?  A neighbor bought me a little collection of small perfumes with various floral scents for my thirteenth birthday.  Of course I was very appreciative of the gift, but as a tomboy, I was a bit perplexed.  That is until I tried a new scent everyday after my nightly shower.  My favorite of the bunch? The  Wild Honeysuckle. I wore that scent non stop even in school which was so unlike me.  Well this lotion brought me to my happy place while B&BW took me away from it by discontinuing it.  It’s such a beautiful fragrance and the scent lasts, making you feel as if you are walking in a fabulous spring garden.  Is it a complex scent?  No, but sometimes simplicity is the best thing and this fragrance proves that.

Bath and Body Works, sometimes, I don’t understand your reasoning.  I would go into more detail about both products, but instead I will mourn their loss instead.  Farewell, me delicious friends!



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This week I had a few job interviews which means no wild nail polish for the past few days.  But rather than go naked, I opted to use Sugar Daddy from Essie for a more natural flair.  First get the job then slowly break them into my crazy nail color obsession.  Today was the last interview of the week so I decided to grab my new bottle of China Glaze’s CG in the City and let the good times roll!  The man can’t keep this girl down for long!

Essie’s Sugar Daddy:


Sugar Daddy


Now I have used Sugar Daddy once before but the color apparently didn’t make that big of an impression on me as I don’t really recall the experience but digging through my nail polish collection, I knew this was the perfect interview appropriate polish.

Got My Hands on a Sugar Daddy!

The Application:  In the bottle, Sugar Daddy is a gorgeous pale pink so I was excited to get that pretty pale pink shade onto my nails.  Unfortunately, that shade never really happened.  After three coats, the polish was still sheer.  Disappointing.  I am not a fan of sheer colors, I can’t stand being able to see my nail white under my polish.  I don’t know why it bugs me so much, it  just does and I am one with that.  I thought about putting on a fourth coat, but soon gave up on the dream accepting Sugar Daddy for who it was.  The actual polish itself goes on smoothly and is easy to work with so that’s a plus.

The Color:  Even though the polish is really sheer it’s still a very pretty, gentle, milky pink color.  I would suggest a top coat because without one, the polish is on the dull side and this color definitely needs some shine to it.

The Verdict:  Look, this isn’t a polish that will be turning any heads, it’s not that type of a color, but it is 100% workplace friendly.  I really can’t see how this color could ever offend anyone!  Also, it’s very low maintenance so if you like to wear one color for a full week this is the one.  If it chips no one will ever see it.  So if you like a low maintenance color that will work with just about everything in your wardrobe, Sugar Daddy is the color for you.

Now I am the type to go a little bolder so I turned Sugar Daddy up a notch.  I present China Glaze CG in the City’s Sugar Daddy takeover.  It’s like the WWE of nail polish and no I don’t watch the WWE, I promise:


CG in the City


The Application:  Glitters are known to be a little difficult to work with as glitter can be hard to spread or sometimes clumps together but neither of these problems occurred while using this polish.  For a glitter, it went on pretty painlessly.  I ended up putting on only one coat because I already had a base coat in Sugar Daddy.  I didn’t really feel like I needed more because the colors worked decently together, but looking at the close up photo, one more coat wouldn’t have hurt.

CG in My City

The Color:  CG in the City is a clear polish infused with small silver, pink and purple glitter.  Looking at the photo it’s hard to capture the color especially in the bottle as my greedy fingers are blocking the bottle’s light so please see the photo above.  Because of the Sugar Daddy underneath, the various glitter colors got lost in the mix.  I will have to let CG in the City have its day in the sun by doing a swatch all by its lonesome.

The Verdict: This is the type of glitter that works well if you want to layer.  I don’t think it is one of those glitter polishes that can hold up well on its own like its sister polish Skyscraper also from the Metro Collection but that’s a different entry.  This one will be fun to work with over the next few months as it’s a great way to revive a color that you grow bored with after a few days.

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Ready to Dig into Some Honey Peach


Finally I have been able to move onto another scent of Sabon’s handmade soap.  For a while there, my shower was looking like a soap shop with tons of samples but now everything is under control.  So I dug into my drawer and picked out Sabon’s Honey Peach Glycerin Soap.

The Description: The first thing that struck me about this soap was how much it reminded me of a Jell-o dessert I used to get as a kid.  It seriously looked so good I almost checked my freezer for Cool Whip but changed my mind when I had flashbacks to all of the soap I had to eat due to my potty mouth as a kid.  The second thing I noticed was that this soap had a very light sweet peach scent the sweet scent being the hint of honey put into the bar.  Very nice touch!

The Application:  I really enjoyed the soap thanks to its fabulous scent, but the lathering properties were  a wee bit weak.  It does lather eventually but it takes some time and dedication, something I don’t really want from a soap.  Also, the scent is pretty light and doesn’t really stay with you after the final rinse.  The honey peach soap is very moisturizing which is always a good thing!

The Verdict:   The lack of lathering was a bit of a disappointment, but I think I would buy this one again.  The scent is freshly, fabulous and my childhood memory of the Jell-O totally makes it worth it.



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Ok, controversy!  My roommate and I came home to see that the Blushing Mimosa hand soap by Bath and Body Works had an accident.  Somehow it was knocked over and the last half had spilled on the bathroom floor.  Man the bathroom reeked of citrus alcohol!  At first, he blamed me as he knows how much  I disliked the strong citrus cheap bar scent.  But I tried to convince him it really wasn’t me!  I didn’t like the fragrance, but I would never waste something like that unless it was completely unbearable.  In the end, he tried to convince me I paid off my cat to put the kibosh on the soap so we would no longer have to use it.  Harsh!  Yes, I am innocent.  My cat, I’m not so sure…


B&BW Pistachio Vanilla


So thanks to the untimely demise of the Blushing Mimosa scent, we moved on to Bath and Body Works Pistachio Vanilla Hand Soap.  It’s in a bottle very similar to the Blushing Mimosa except it’s adorned in green.  Yes, adorned.  Anyway, it’s a great foam soap which I love, it takes that extra step out of washing your hands.  Lazy?  Definitely.  But one pump and you are ready to go.  I love B&BW soaps as they have a great design for their pump soaps.


The Application:  When I first tried the soap I had my reservations because of the last one.  But after the first pump of soap hit my hands and I started to scrub I knew this was fantastic.  It’s a really unique scent.  I mean how many products use the scent of pistachio as their main accent?  Seriously?  The pistachio scent is very strong and has that same alcohol scent that Blushing Mimosa had, but it’s much more enjoyable.  In fact, it reminded me of those pucker drinks you can get in cheap bars or some of those candy oils you can buy for Christmas candy.  Yeah, odd I know, but both bring back great memories!  Unfortunately, the vanilla scent is very light, so be prepared as this hand soap has a strong pistachio scent and those looking for a nice mix may be disappointed.  Another nice thing about the Vanilla Pistachio Hand Soap is the scent stays with you long after you have washed your hands.


The Verdict:  Kudos B&BW for bringing the pistachio vanilla hand soap to the masses as it’s a unique experience.   I was informed at the store that this was a clearance item so I am not sure if it will be brought back in the future so if you can still track it down you may want to stock up.  I got this for $2.50 at the semi annual sale and I doubt there are many left at this point.  Thumbs up Bath and Body Works!



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I love Sabon, I love it so much.  Unfortunately, it does tend to be a little on the spendy side but in the end, for me, this bath scrub is so worth it!  I love that just stepped out of the spa feeling  I get every time I use this scrub.  The Vanilla Coconut Bath Scrub scent is fabulous  but remember this is coming from a vanilla addict.

Sabon is not available in most cities in the US, only a select few, but you can order their products from their website.  I live in NYC so I get to be spoiled by Sabon daily.   The best way for anyone to buy Sabon products is to wait for their sales that include free shipping as they don’t tend to have many sales in their actual stores that often.


Vanilla Coconut Salt Scrub


The Application:  A little bit of a tip.  It’s best to wet your skin first then apply the sea salt without the shower running.  This way you will not wash off the salt before you actually have the chance to scrub.  After you have gotten a good scrub, then turn on the shower and wash it off.  Caution, it may make your shower slippery so be careful, the bathtub is too small to be a Slip and Slide.  Also, the first time I used this salt scrub I went ape on it and ended up scratching myself.  Yeah, not smart when using a “salt” product.  Salt and wounds don’t mix!  So remember be gentle to your skin, folks.  Lesson learned.

The Verdict:  Okay, who am I kidding.  I LOVE this stuff and will pay the $30.00 for a large size.  They usually last me 2-3 months anyway which is not too crazy for the price.  Here’s the thing, Sabon says to use this only once a week, but I am a daredevil and do it twice.  But if you use it once a week, it will last you 3-4 months.  As far as the actual product, the Vanilla Coconut Bath Scrub smells amazing while the moisturizing properties are fantastic.  This is perfect for year round usage, but during the winter this puppy is especially great as it will scrub away all your rough spot cares  leaving you with beautiful, radiant skin.


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