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It’s time for Essie’s 2011 Holiday Collection!  I know, it’s not even October yet, but this collection is so special, I couldn’t wait once I received it.  Essie is usually know for neutrals with an edgy color here and there but this collection changes all of that.  The Holiday collection has a couple neutrals, a red and a few new colors to keep you on your toes!  As usual with the collections, I will do a quick review and go into more detail as I wear the colors throughout the season.  Here we go!

First up, the office safe neutral Brooch the Subject:


Essie's Brooch the Subject


I won’t lie, I was afraid of Brooch the Subject when I first saw the color as it reminded me of Case Study from Essie’s 2011 Fall Collection.  Case Study had a tinge of green which didn’t work for my skin tone.  Brooch the Subject?  Gorgeous!  I’m not a huge fan of neutral tans, but this one gets a thumbs up!  I really wanted to find some reason to dislike Brooch the Subject but in the end, I just couldn’t.  This color is perfect for the neutral polish connoisseur or for those in need of an appropriate, yet stylish interview or work safe nail polish.  My only complaint was that the formula was a little streaky, but it did fix itself with the second coat.


Brooch the Subject

Brooch the Subject


Next Up, Bangle Jangle:

Bangle Jangle


Bangle Jangle is another work friendly color unless your work place frowns on anything that slightly goes outside the realm of a neutral.  Bangle Jangle is a delicate, creme, lavender with a hint of blue making it very color friendly for those who normally can’t wear lavender successfully such as myself.  Essie’s Lilacism didn’t work for me due to its almost chalky nature, but Bangle Jangle is pure perfection.  The formula was smooth and easy to work with and for the most part opaque after two coats, though three would probably work best for Bangle Jangle.


Bangle Jangle

Bangle Jangle


Time for some Cocktail Bling:


Cocktail Bling


Anyone who knows me knows I love the singing the blues vocally and on my fingernails.  Well, this color did not disappoint!  Cocktail Bling is a light grayish, blue creme with no bells or whistles, it doesn’t need them the color is so pretty.  Cocktail Bling is a versatile blue that would work for a night on the town, day to day life, or even at work as it doesn’t scream “look at me, I’m wearing blue!”  Yeah, I love those blues too!  I really do!  But sometimes, you need to bring it down a notch and this is the blue to do it.  Yep, you win again Essie!


Cocktail Bling

Cocktail Bling


I know all about, the School of Hard Rocks:


School of Hard Rocks


Yes, this one will be pretty popular from this collection because it’s flat out awesome!  School of Hard Rocks is a forest green with a tinge of blue to add a little spice.  This color would be great for so many skin tones thanks to it’s blue and green undertones.  The formula is perfect and the color is just so special and unique.  This one may be my favorite of the collection!


School of Hard Rocks

School of Hard Rocks


Ready for some Bobbing for Baubles:


Bobbing for Baubles


Why, yes I am!  Bobbing for Baubles is a dark blue that is the perfect choice for those who fear black.  It’s dark, it’s edgy and I’m in love.  It is similar to Zoya’s Cynthia, so if you have one, you may not need the other.  If you don’t have Cynthia, get thee Bobbing for Baubles!  The formula is easy to work with and the color is fantastic!  These pictures do not do Bobbing for Baubles justice!  I will be redoing them this weekend because I was a bit rushed due to school and life in general today.  Bobbing for Baubles deserves better!


Bobbing for Baubles

Bobbing for Baubles


Lastly, its good to know that Size Matters:

Size Matters


When I saw Size Matters I wasn’t overly impressed as it appeared to be just another red creme for the Holidays.  Ho hum.  Well I was wrong!  After wearing it, I was in love.  Size Matters is a deep, cherry red with a gorgeous shine to it.  It’s insanely pretty!  This is one of the best reds I have run into in a while and it’s not just for the name, though it does amuse me to no end.  Mama, I’m in love!


Size Matters

Size Matters


All in all, I love this collection.  Unlike Essie’s 2011 Fall Collection which left me a little underwhelmed, Essie’s 2011 Holiday collection makes up for it as there isn’t a weak color in the bunch.  Except for Brooch the Subject’s slightly streaky formula, I really have no complaints and will be keeping the entire collection which is a feat for me.  A+ Essie on a fabulous Holiday Collection!



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Zoya Roxy

I was ready for a fun nail polish for the weekend and decided I was feeling a little glitter.  I love glitters, but hate the grief of removing them so I try not to wear them that often.  Digging through my stash, I found Roxy from Zoya.  Since wearing Roxy I have been singing:

“And who in case she doesn’t hang,
Can say she started with a bang.
Roxie Hart.”

Yes, yes Chicago…this polish and this song are so addictive!  Onto the review…



The Application:  Normally Zoya has some of the smoothest nail polish formula around.  Roxy unfortunately did not measure up.  The formula was streaky and a bit thick making the application clunky.  Quite surprising for Zoya!  Two coats of Roxy was enough to be opaque, but the color just felt thin, so I added a third coat to see if it would become closer to the color in the bottle.  Bingo!  Three coats is the magic number for Roxy!

Roxy With 3 Coats

The Color:  Roxy is a hard color to describe.  It’s a reddish purple jelly with what appears to be silver and pink glitter.  This is one pretty polish!  Looking through my collection, I didn’t find anything similar.  My one complaint is the Roxy loves to eat top coats.  I put two coats of OPI’s Rapid Dry Top Coat and I can still feel the glitter and there is little shine.  Slightly disappointing.

The Verdict:  Though the formula is not perfect, and the glitter is hard to tame, the color is beautiful.  I couldn’t help but keep staring at my nails the past few days.  I truly love this color!  For me the color and the glitter make Roxy a great vampy color even with its flaws.  I will gladly wear this one again and again.  Ask me after the removal process…Roxie Hart, uh, uh, uh. uh, uh

I apologize, but glitter is hard to photograph!  So here are more shots to make up for it!  The many faces of Roxy!


Roxy Extreme Close Up!

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I finally moved onto another hand soap.  Actually, I have been using it for a few weeks, but kept forgetting about.  Finally, after a crazy week, I am able to post a few things.  Ah, you crazy life!  Onto Fresh Picked Strawberries!


Fresh Picked Strawberries


The Application:  Like always, I love the ease of B&BW hand soap pumps.  They work flawlessly and keep going forever.  Just when you think you can’t get anymore soap out of the pump, there’s more!  I love you B&BW hand soap.  I really love how it gives you a generous amount of foam too.  No need to lather it up because B&BW has done it for you.  Lazy?  Yes.  Fantastic?  Double yes!!!  My only complaint?  Okay, blame it on the OCD, but I don’t like how the pump doesn’t face directly to the front of the hand soap where the logo is.  It’a turned to the side making the bottle off balance on the sink.  Yep, OCD…


The Scent:  Fresh Picked Strawberries is a fresh fruity scent that will be sure to please those who love the freshness of fruit.  The thing about B&BW is that when it comes to hand soap scents, they don’t mess around!  Fresh Picked Strawberries is no exception and packs quite a punch.  Though I liked the scent, I did note a slight chemically smell after the first notes of strawberry scent.  I’m not too surprised as it’s hard to capture the smell of real fruit when it comes to bath items.


The Verdict:  Fresh Picked Strawberries is a great scent for those who love fruit scents.  I liked this hand soap, but I don’t know if I would pick it up again only because there are so many other scents I love and B&BW is always putting out new ones.  It’s not the fault of Fresh Picked Strawberries it did almost everything right, I’m just not a huge fan of fruit scents.  But if you dig fruity goodness, you will love this one!



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I was in the mood for a bright happy color for the beginning of fall even though this summer baby isn’t ready to let go of the warm weather just yet.  Traffic Jam from China Glaze’s Uptown Collection seemed like a good transition color.  I have to admit, out of the Uptown Collection, Traffic Jam was the one that spoke to me the most and this is coming from someone who loves less obvious colors.


China Glaze Traffic Jam


The Application:  As with most China Glaze polishes, the application for Traffic Jam was really good.  It went on smoothly and evenly with no streaking.  Success!  It took two coats for Traffic Jam to become opaque which is pretty standard in my experience with China Glaze.


Traffic Jam


The Color:  Traffic Jam is a deep raspberry cream polish.  Sound boring?  Not at all! Traffic Jam is a luscious blast of berry goodness that is so eye catching.  This is one pretty, pretty polish.  The sad thing is the color is hard to photograph and unfortunately, due to no sun this week, I was unable to capture it in sunlight though it’s gorgeous in any lighting.

The Verdict:  More please!  I’m like Oliver looking for some more gruel to satisfy a craving (yay musical theatre).  The color is beautiful!  At first, I thought Traffic Jam would be too pink for me.  Let me just say,  I’m not a huge fan of pink polishes as it’s a bit too girly for me.  But Traffic Jam with it’s sweet berry goodness is just perfect.  I will be wearing Traffic Jam year round my love is so deep.


More of the Lovely Traffic Jam

More Please!



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Zoya Kimmy

This weekend I wanted to enjoy my last weekend of the summer.  I love, love, love summer and I’m not ready to let it go.  Watching the girls walk around the city in their fall clothing is bringing me down.  Especially because it’s been in the 70’s!  I’m still rockin’ the sandals and light t-shirts, I’m just not ready.  So, I decided to wear a bright nail polish to say adios to summer and hola to autumn and Zoya’s Kimmy was the perfect transition polish!




The Application:  As with every Zoya polish I have tried thus far, the application was perfect.  Kimmy was not too runny and not too goopy.  Goldilocks would be pleased!  I used two coats, but after looking at the photos I realized I could have used a third coat to make it fully opaque.  Though with two coats it’s pretty darn close.




The Color:  Though it’s described as candy apple red with gold sparkle, on my skin tone which is a pale cool tone, it looked reddish orange.  Not the best color for a cool toned gal though it would be perfect for those with a warm tone.  Kimmy has a unique look thanks to it’s gold foil glimmer making it a perfect summer polish, though it could definitely work as a autumn transition color.


The Verdict:  Even though Kimmy may not be the best color for my pale, cool skin tone I still really loved this polish.  It’s such a beautiful, unique, red color thanks to the gold foil.  After three days, Kimmy did begin to show noticeable tip wear even after wrapping my nails.  Also, clean up can be tricky as the gold tends to stay on the nail even after a few swipes and like most red polishes it can stain the surrounding skin during removal.  The best way to deal with this is to saturate your cotton ball with remover and swipe straight up not side to side otherwise you’ll have a nice reddish orange mess on the skin around your nails.


Why Yes, it is Kimmy!

Even More Kimmy


Buzz on the Street:

Male Roommate:  Nice summer color, could work for fall though because it’s orange.

Me:  It’s red.

Male Roommate:  Uh, it looks orange, dude.

Yes, yes it does…




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Unfortunately, OPI’s Steady As She Rose ended up being a nightmare to apply and not not very flattering on my skin tone though that is not OPI’s fault but rather genetics.  Still, rather than remove Steady As She Rose, I decided to try to revive it with Barielle’s Buddha-ful to save myself some time this week.  Unfortunately, the poor formula of Steady As She Rose still shows up in my application of the base polish, but please try to ignore it and enjoy the beauty that is Buddha-ful.

The Application:  Unlike some of the other Barielle colors I have tried, Buddha-ful went on perfectly and was not runny at all.  Because I only needed Buddha-ful to bring my manicure to the next level, I only used one coat.  I promise that in the near future I will show a swatch with Buddha-ful all by its glorious self so you can get a better idea of how many coats it takes to be opaque and how it stands alone.




The Color: Over Steady As She Rose Buddha-ful looks like a pale lavender with pink and greenish blue foil flakes.  On its own, Buddha-ful is a light beige and pink polish with pink and greenish blue foil flakes.  Either way it’s a beautiful, delicate color with a little oomph.  Buddha-ful would be perfect for many occasions including the office.  The foil flakes are so subtle that I can’t imagine anyone giving you the evil eye for wearing this polish.  A little note, the flakes are at their best in low light as you can see from the pictures.  For some reason, they don’t always appear as strongly in bright light.


Buddha-ful Side View For Full Foil Effect


The Verdict:  Come on!  I love it!  Buddha-ful is the prefect layering polish though it can definitely stand on its own.  I personally think Buddha-ful is at its best when layered over other polishes especially darker vampy colors.  I will be using this one for a long time.  It’s perfect for sprucing up old manicures that need to be revived or just to add a little zing to any polish.  Love, love, love!

PS:  As stated above, the foil flakes show up more in low light so I have added a few more pics to show the effect.  In the second photo, I took Buddha-ful in half and half lighting to show you how it plays peek-a-boo depending on the lighting.


Buddha-ful Flakes in Bright Light

Buddha-ful Peek a Boo Lighting



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I’m always on the look out for a neutral that takes it to another level.  Many neutral are just plain boring, at least for me.  But sometimes in life, you have to wear them even if you don’t want to.  So this week, I finally decided to try OPI’s Steady As She Rose as I was in need of a new neutral.  The name was pretty sweet, the color looked great in the bottle, so I figured this polish would have it all.  Not so much.


OPI's Steady As She Rose


The Application:  Usually I never have problems with OPI’s formulas, but wow, Steady as She Rose was a nightmare!  First off, it was extremely goopy and streaky.  Usually when I find a polish streaky, it corrects itself after the second coat.  Not so with Steady as She Rose.  It took three coats to even out and even still there was streaking.  Even in the photos you can see where I had problems with the application.  Not good at all!


Steady As She Rose


The Color:  Steady as She Rose  is a no frills, light violet, cream based polish.  I have to admit in the bottle it was really pretty so I was a little disappointed to see it did nothing for my skin tone.  I think this would be a great color for someone with a darker complexion than mine.


Steady As She Rose Top View


The Verdict:  As much as I wanted to like Steady as She Rose, I just can’t.  The color, though not horrible on my skin tone didn’t really compliment it either.  Life is too short for just “eh” manicures.  Even if the color was a winner, I can’t get past the poor formula on this one.  It really was a nightmare!  It will now be called Steady as She Unloads From Her Collection.  Wow, that was bad, but it made me laugh.   It must me be late…


Steady As She Rose Side View



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