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I am not what you would usually call a neon girl.  I love bright polish, but to tell you the truth, I’m not into bright, BRIGHT, colors.  I don’t know why.  I like to make an entrance, but for some reason, I find it to be a little over the top.  Still, I figured that I would try something new.  Remember, always try something that scares you a little at least once a week.  It makes you grow!  So, to practice what I preach, I tried one of China Glaze’s loudest colors in their 2012 Summer Neon Collection: Sun Kissed.  Put on your sunglasses and let’s go!


The Application:  I have heard that neons can be a bit tricky to apply as they can be very gloopy.  This was not the case.  Sun Kissed went on perfectly and only took two coats to be opaque.  So much for the bad reputation.


Sun Kissed


The Color:  Oh wow!  What can I say?  It’s bright.  I mean bright, BRIGHT!  Sun Kissed reminds me of my last semester of college last year when I was taking all 300 level courses that were harder than hell.  All my books were filled with bright, fluorescent, highlighter pen markings which took up half of the pages in my book to study the major points of topics such as endocrinology.   Wearing Sun Kissed makes your nails look as if you went into your office’s supply closet, raided the highlighter pen section, and went to town on your nails after a late night binge on tequila.  Yes, it is THAT bright.  Though it is yellow, it does have a slight greenish tint to it so be prepared if that matters to you.


Sun Kissed


The Verdict:  Sun Kissed is a crazy fun color, no doubt.  Warm or cool tone, when a polish is this bright it doesn’t matter.  It isn’t for the wallflower type, so be prepared for stares.  I wore it for the weekend and let me tell you, people were staring and this is NYC!  Neon colors are hard to capture on film much like Bigfoot or a Chupacabra but I did the best I could without breaking my camera.  I did put an indoor natural light photo which is darker to show you the Sun Kissed green glow!  Would I wear Sun Kissed again?  Hell yeah, I’d just put it on my toes though most likely.  I work in an office environment, and though they let us wear anything, I think this may be pushing the boundaries even for this artistic vixen.


Sun Kissed – Natural Light to Show Greenish Glow




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