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It is no secret to my circle of friends. I am a Sabon girl.  I love me some Sabon!  But while walking near 34th street a week ago, I came across Lush while waiting to meet up with some friends for dinner.  I tried to ignore its calls, but it beckoned me and I could not ignore its seduction   Look, the last thing I need is more soap, but since I had heard so many great things about it, I decided to step in and see what all the fuss was.

Me on a Saturday Night

The first thing I noticed was the scent wafting through the door.  Now to some, it may be too much. But for me, I loved it, but I tend to like stronger scents.   That is unless it’s a bad scent then I just run for cover.  The second thing I noticed was that I was immediately swarmed by a group of sale associates, I felt like I had just been surrounded by SWAT.  That didn’t quite work for me as that’s one of my number one pet peeves: pushy sales people!  Many times when employees are forced to approach customers due to company policy it seems really fake and creepy.  This was no exception.  Look, I’ve been there, I worked retail for a few years while in high school and it’s not a pleasant experience for the workers or the customers.  Retailers please stop with the pushy sales people, most people are freaked out by it!  Rant done!

Vanilla in the Mist

Anyway, after I told the third person I was fine, I went about smelling the merchandise.  I won’t lie, they have some fabulous scents.  I love Sabon, but the smell of Lush soaps are pure without an overly soapy smell.  Sometime, Sabon’s soap have that same base soap smell to them regardless of the key fragrance. Thumbs up to Lush!

The next thing I noticed was the price, thumbs down.  Yeah, it was a lot more expensive than Sabon for a tiny square of soap.  In the end, I chose to go with Vanilla in the Mist as I have an obsession with vanilla.  I was dismayed to see the sales associate pick up the same brick of soap that everyone in the storewas touching and smelling day in and day out.  Five billion people are at 34th street everyday and you are cutting the soap from the block that everyone and their mother has touched?  Really?!?  I know it’s soap.  I know the icky germs will wash away.  But for your first use you are getting everyone’s cooties into your shower and putting them briefly on your body.  Really unappealing.

I walked up to the counter, with the sales associate never averting my eyes from the germ filled block. I decided it may be best to take only a small portion of the soap block as I had no idea what to expect.  In the end, the sales associate didn’t look too happy as I only spent about $4.50.  It may be possible that they have to have a certain sales quota a day and I wasn’t helping her out, but at least try to fake being cordial.  Look, I had never tried their product before and I didn’t want to spend a fortune (which is easy to do at Lush) on a company I knew nothing about so off I went with my new $4.50 purchase. I will say, my bag never smelled better!

The next day I cut my Vanilla in the Mist bar into three different sections a la the Sabon soap trick to make it last longer. The smell was amazing.  Once I got into the shower I lathered up the bar to get rid of the germs from all the hands at 34th street and proceeded to wash up.  Again, the smell was amazing and soon filled my shower with the amazing scent of rich vanilla. I hate to say it but this soap smelled better than any of the soaps I had smelled at Sabon, but to be fair I have only tried a few fragrances.  But seriously, it smelled like a vanilla latte had invaded my bathroom and I was happy about it! This soap was a dream come true for the true coffee addict.

Gives Me a Hankerin' For Nachos

Ok, the bad news: it started to get soft immediately and I knew it wouldn’t last past three or four washes before I would have to replace it making it one expensive soap.  It also had absolutely no lather to it.  Also, on the top of the bar there is the vanilla bean pod and it immediately came off dirtying up my shower.  What is the point of the vanilla bean pod being in the soap?  Also, the other halves I had in my cupboard started to melt after a few days and they hadn’t even hit the water yet.  Very strange.

The good:  Despite the lack of lather it was doing something because my skin was so moisturized and the water kept beading off letting me know it was not stripping my skin.  Also, the smell!  It was amazing, I’m not kidding!  I know, I keep mentioning it but it’s that good!  Unfortunately, once I left the shower the scent was completely gone off of my skin.

Now, would I buy this soap again?  Probably not.  The price was a little high for something that doesn’t have a lot of staying power and no lathering properties.  Soap lathers to remove and carry the particles away from your body or at least that’s what I was told by the yuck hands dude in elementary school.  Would I try another fragrance? Sure! I won’t give up on Lush yet! But, part of me will definitely miss my nightly vanilla latte aromatherapy session.




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