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Milani HD

This week I wanted to try Milani HD Holographic polish after already giving Milani Digital a Try.  Since the forecast said it would be sunny for most of the week, I figured I’d better give the summer’s rays its final hurrah before breaking out the fall colors.

The ApplicationHD was a little thinner than the polishes I am use to wearing but at least it made it easy too spread on my nails. Though I had to be more careful not to let the polish roll into the edges of my nail beds.  Also, the first coat was a little streaky but repaired itself by the second coat.  After having little halo effect with Digital, I applied HD differently.  Instead of two thicker coats, I applied three very thin coats for full coverage, and it did help in creating a more satisfying halo effect.




The Color:  HD is a silvery color with a rainbow halo.  I have to admit, in natural light (please see pic) the color is not that impressive and in someways kind of drab.  But in most lights. it has a slight halo effect making the rainbow colors dance on the nails.  The halo effect is there, but slight.   I tried to photograph it but apparently it’s camera shy and hard to capture in photos so I put five billion shots to show it in different lights.  The halo is slightly stronger than what is shown in the photos.


The Verdict:  Is it a strong halo effect?  No, no it is not.  But it’s there and it was pretty and shimmery in different levels of light making it an interesting polish.  But in low level light or natural light, not the most interesting color but I am not a huge fan of silver or white shades due to my coloring.  Still, it’s a fun polish to have in the collection and worth picking up, especially if it’s on sale.  In NYC it runs anywhere between $4.95-$5.95 for the halos but I only pick them up on the buy one get one at half price deal to make it worth it. I ended up wearing HD for about five days before removing it for the weekend and I have to say it held up well.  Five days and no sign of wear which is great for a drugstore brand.


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Anyone who really loves nail polish has heard of the infamous Ruby Pump red from China Glaze.  To me, it was just another red with a little glitter thrown into it.  Who cares, right?  Wrong, I now care, a lot.  I bit the bullet, broke down and bought the polish at my local beauty retailer around the corner.  My life has changed now for the better.  My nails and I are going to have a great weekend!


Ruby Pumps


The Application:  Even Steven!  The formula was very easy to work with, even with the glitter, which is nice.  Sometimes, glitter can make a polish bunch up in places, but not with Ruby Pumps.  It took about three coats for the polish to match the color in the bottle, but two coats was definitely enough to make it opaque.


The Color:  Ruby Pumps is what I would call a bright cranberry red with small flecks of gold and red glitter.  Almost exactly the same color that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.  Huh…Ruby Pumps…  I am a red fanatic, it’s my favorite color in existence.  When I first saw this color in the bottle, I really thought it would be some cheap looking red with glitter thrown in making it tacky.  I was so wrong.  There is nothing tacky about this red at all.  If you don’t care for glitters because you think they can be garish try Ruby Pumps.  It’s not garish at all it’s actually what I would call a sophisticated glitter.


The Verdict:  Yes, please!  This color is so fantastic and I can’t help but keep looking at my nails throughout the day.  The flashes of gold and red glitter make this such a unique color.  I really wish I had picked this one up earlier.  Like most glitters the removal process will be a chore I’m sure, but for now, it looks fantastic.  So if you’re looking for a unique, fun, red, go pick up China Glaze Red Pumps.


It’s funny, I have had Milani Ruby Jewels in my nail polish container for quite sometime and didn’t even really think about it until I bought Ruby Pumps.  So before I put on China Glaze Ruby Pumps I decided to swatch Milani’s Ruby Jewels to see the comparison as Ruby Jewels looked like a very close dupe of Ruby Pumps.  See for yourself:


Milani Red Jewels


The Application:  Ruby Jewels went on flawlessly though I did notice that the formula was a little thinner than the China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps.  Also, the glitter distribution wasn’t as concentrated but never the less, the formula spread smoothly and evenly, though it did take three full coats to become opaque.


Ruby Jewels Swatches


The Color:  Ruby Jewels is a close match to Ruby Pumps though it’s a little more of a dark cherry red rather than a cranberry red, especially in the sunlight.  It also goes on a lot thinner making it more of a pinkish red until you get to the third coat where it becomes more like the pictures above.  It also has less glitter than the Ruby Pumps making it less flashy.


The Verdict:  Though not an exact dupe of Ruby Pumps it’s pretty darn close making it an affordable way to have a fun sparkly red.  It cost less than $3.00 at my local drugstore while Ruby Pumps runs about twice that much in many area stores making it cost effective.  Ruby Jewels is definitely a fun color and worth picking up if you’re on a budget as you’ll get nearly the same effect as Ruby Pumps.


Side By Side Comparison:


The Comparison




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