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I am still kicking myself for missing the whole holographic craze a few years back, but unfortunately my love for nail polish wasn’t in full bloom yet.  So instead of spending a fortune trying to buy some of the old polish, I decided to try a Milani’s 3D Holographic series after seeing them on sale to see if they would have the same appearance as the upper priced brands.  Be aware there are a bunch of photos as I was trying to capture the elusive rainbow.  First up:  Digital

At my CVS the 3D Holographic series was buy one at $5.49 get the second half price making the pair around $4.14.




The Application:  Digital went on smoothly, but was a little runnier than most polishes I am accustomed to.  Because of the thinner consistency, it took a little more wait time before I went back to add another coat.  In the end, it took about three coats to become completely opaque.




The Color:  Digital is a dusty rose pink with bits of gold, blue, silver and pink holographic glitter thrown into the mix.  In outdoor light, the color is a bright light pink.  While I filmed Digital in many different angels and lighting, I never did find a true rainbow which sadly I kind of expected for the price.  Maybe there are some bottles that work out there, but my batch, not so much.  In some angles, I could almost see a slight rainbow wanting to burst out, but in the end, it didn’t happen.  But even without the rainbow I have to admit, I still liked the effect of the polish as it’s really cool in bright lighting.


A Semi Rainbow Peeketh



The Verdict:  Yes, I would buy the Milani 3D Holographic series again even though the rainbow never happened.  It really is quite a pretty, fun polish and I love the way it looks on my nails.  Indoors, it’s more serious, but when you hit the sun or bright lighting, watch out!  The price at my CVS was a bit steep at $5.49.  Is $5.49 expensive for a polish?  Nope.  But Milani use to be more of a discount drugstore brand and their prices have been slowly creeping up over the past few years.  Though I like many of Milani’s products, I only buy them when they are on sale now.  Still, if you find it cheaper in your neck of the woods, give it a try!


Digital Close Up




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Zoya Isla

Yesterday I slapped on Zoya’s Isla to get ready for a fun weekend in NYC, and then I woke up to a monstrous cold.  Argh!  There is nothing worse than getting a cold in August!  Okay, there are plenty of worst things that can happen, but it still stinks.  So I am ready for a weekend of bad TV with my fancy, red nails!  Thanks, Isla!




The Application:  Went on like a dream!  The formula goes on smoothly and evenly and goes on completely opaque in two coats.  Though, like most vampy colors, putting it on evenly with your non dominant hand is a chore that takes deep concentration, but that’s not Zoya’s fault.  That ‘s genetics fault for not making me ambidextrous!




The Color:  What can I say?  Isla is one of the prettiest reds I have seen in a long time!  It’s a deep red with darkish, red, black overtones with a slight shimmer.  Does that even make sense?  It really is unique and quite sexy in a awesome, vampy way.  Win and win!  This would have been perfect for this weekend’s festivities if it wasn’t for this cold.  There’s always next week I guess.


The Verdict:  More, please!  I love, love, love this red!  I love red anyway, but Isla is amazing!  The more I wear Zoya the more I fall in love with her nail polish!  The colors are fun and unique and the formulas so far have been perfect.  Just a note.  Taking photos of red objects is known to be nearly impossible.  Unfortunately, none of the photos really do this color justice.  Ah, red, you thwart me!  Still, they give you a good idea about how gorgeous this color is.  This is one red I will be wearing over and over come winter, it’s fabulous!


Trying to Capture the Magic That is Isla


Más Isla



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I absolutely love blues, but I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical of the whole matte and suede trend when it first came out.  I still see people wearing it here and there, but I have to be honest, it really did nothing for me as I love the shine of high gloss nails.  There is nothing better!  Still, I ended up picking up a bottle of OPI’s Russian Navy Suede on clearance and decided to run with it.  Do something that scares you everyday!


Russian Navy Suede


The Application:  The formula for Russian Navy Suede is pretty decent.  It goes on smoothly and evenly but it does dry very quickly so be prepared as you don’t have much time to make the nail magic happen.  The good thing is OPI has one of the best nail brushes in the biz making it easy to get the application right.  It does takes about two coats to be completely opaque.


Russian Navy Suede


The Color:  Russian Navy Suede is exactly what it says it is, no false advertising here!  It’s definitely a dark navy blue with light flecks of silver and light blue shimmer mixed in to make it interesting.  With the suede effect, it almost looks like you’re wearing denim on your fingernails which in some strange way looks kind of cool.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the whole suede effect as I really don’t care for the matte look with nail polish, but I have to admit, I didn’t hate it at all.  I was actually strangely fascinated.

The Verdict:  Am I going to run out and buy tons of suede and matte nail polishes after this discovery?  Probably not.  Though it’s a lot of fun and definitely gets attention, this is only something I would wear periodically.  Part of the reason I am not a huge fan is it doesn’t last nearly as long as regular nail polish, about two days before it starts to wear away.  Because of the nature of the polish, you don’t want to wear a top coat and in general, I think the formula is a tad bit gentler than regular polish.  Also, be warned, the formula tends to stain your nails so double up on the base coat.  It also has the tendency to stain the area around your nails blue when removing so pure acetone is your friend to swipe it off quickly.  Even with these issues, I do have to say this is a fun polish that would be great for a weekend out on the town as it really is unique.



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Essie Da Bush

Last week I ordered a few new polishes including a couple green ones in my quest for the perfect green polish that I am able to wear without looking like I have some serious disease.  Da Bush was my first round pick and unfortunately, my expectations may have been too high as my search still continues…


Da Bush


The Application:  The application for Da Bush was a breeze as the formula is very easy to work with.  Again, after using OPI’s brush earlier in the week, I did lament how small Essie’s brushes are, but I guess it isn’t a huge factor or anything.  It did take about two coats for Da Bush to become completely opaque which is about average for most polishes.


Da Bush


The Color:  Ah, the color.  I would say Da Bush is very similar to the color of the split pea soup that flew out of the kid’s mouth in the movie the Exorcist.  But if you want to describe Da Bush in the PC way, I would describe it as a dirty sage green with a smidgen of gray.  Yeah, you can probably tell that I’m a little underwhelmed with this color.  In the bottle it didn’t look too bad, but as soon as I slapped it onto my nails, I wanted to scream, “The HORROR!”  Yeah it really was that bad.  Look, I know what you are thinking.  Why did she buy Da Bush then?  Because it’s a unique color that you don’t see everyday.  Well, unless you buy OPI’s Stranger Tides, but normally this isn’t a color you are likely to see ever again after this summer season so I thought why not?  Look, I’m on a quest for the perfect green polish for a person whose skin coloring won’t allow her to wear green successfully but I should have gone with something a little less unique.  Hey, at least I tried!


A Fond Farewell to Da Bush...


The Verdict:  In the end, Da Bush didn’t work for me as my nails ended up looking like they were car sick.  In fact, when I met my friends for coffee after putting Da Bush on they made me march back home after finishing my latte and change my polish before the evenings festivities so the search for the perfect green polish continues.  Look, Da Bush didn’t work for me, but I know there are many people out there who will love Da Bush for being such a unique color and if you are one of those people, I’m happy for you, my friend!  I only wish it was me.  So if you are a fan of Da Bush, wear it proudly and as always have fun with it!

P.S. I used Da Bush 12 times in this entry!  Apparently, I like the name!


Buzz on the Street:


Female Friend:  No, no, that is not your green.  You have to take that off before tonight seriously, it’s not flattering.

Gay Best Friend:  Oh, honey, no.  Go back to singing your blues, they’re much more flattering.  That color looks like the green they use at my doctor’s office.


Well, at least they were honest…



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My love for blues continues, but this time I decided to go for a lighter, crisper blue.  I found what I was looking for in Essie’s Sag Harbor.  I will wear blues up until the last few seconds of the summer months I love them so much, I really will!


Sag Harbor


The Application:  Sag Harbor went on flawlessly for me though it’s a little thicker than many Essie polishes.  I will say I rarely have issues with Essie’s formulas.  It took two coats to become completely opaque.  Unfortunately, I did have a problem with bubbles appearing on three fingers which I found odd.  It’s possible I was too heavy handed between applications but I will watch it closely next time to see if this is an issue with the formula or just me being impatient.


Sag Harbor


The Color:  Sag Harbor is a light blue gray creme with flecks of light, micro, whitish, silver flecks.  Yes, it’s as lovely as it sounds, trust me!  This really is a special blue as it’s not too shocking and bright or too glittery and dark like some blues out there.  This is the type of blue that is appropriate for so many occasions because it doesn’t scream look at me I’m wearing blue!!!  Yeah, I love those types of blue too, but sometimes, you have to tone it down.


The Verdict:  Buy this before it disappears!  This is a perfect blue if you’re a collector of blue polish like I am!  It goes on perfectly minus the bubbles which could be human error and would be flattering for many different skin tones.  In fact, I love it so much here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!  Yeah baby!


Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor



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Anyone who really loves nail polish has heard of the infamous Ruby Pump red from China Glaze.  To me, it was just another red with a little glitter thrown into it.  Who cares, right?  Wrong, I now care, a lot.  I bit the bullet, broke down and bought the polish at my local beauty retailer around the corner.  My life has changed now for the better.  My nails and I are going to have a great weekend!


Ruby Pumps


The Application:  Even Steven!  The formula was very easy to work with, even with the glitter, which is nice.  Sometimes, glitter can make a polish bunch up in places, but not with Ruby Pumps.  It took about three coats for the polish to match the color in the bottle, but two coats was definitely enough to make it opaque.


The Color:  Ruby Pumps is what I would call a bright cranberry red with small flecks of gold and red glitter.  Almost exactly the same color that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.  Huh…Ruby Pumps…  I am a red fanatic, it’s my favorite color in existence.  When I first saw this color in the bottle, I really thought it would be some cheap looking red with glitter thrown in making it tacky.  I was so wrong.  There is nothing tacky about this red at all.  If you don’t care for glitters because you think they can be garish try Ruby Pumps.  It’s not garish at all it’s actually what I would call a sophisticated glitter.


The Verdict:  Yes, please!  This color is so fantastic and I can’t help but keep looking at my nails throughout the day.  The flashes of gold and red glitter make this such a unique color.  I really wish I had picked this one up earlier.  Like most glitters the removal process will be a chore I’m sure, but for now, it looks fantastic.  So if you’re looking for a unique, fun, red, go pick up China Glaze Red Pumps.


It’s funny, I have had Milani Ruby Jewels in my nail polish container for quite sometime and didn’t even really think about it until I bought Ruby Pumps.  So before I put on China Glaze Ruby Pumps I decided to swatch Milani’s Ruby Jewels to see the comparison as Ruby Jewels looked like a very close dupe of Ruby Pumps.  See for yourself:


Milani Red Jewels


The Application:  Ruby Jewels went on flawlessly though I did notice that the formula was a little thinner than the China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps.  Also, the glitter distribution wasn’t as concentrated but never the less, the formula spread smoothly and evenly, though it did take three full coats to become opaque.


Ruby Jewels Swatches


The Color:  Ruby Jewels is a close match to Ruby Pumps though it’s a little more of a dark cherry red rather than a cranberry red, especially in the sunlight.  It also goes on a lot thinner making it more of a pinkish red until you get to the third coat where it becomes more like the pictures above.  It also has less glitter than the Ruby Pumps making it less flashy.


The Verdict:  Though not an exact dupe of Ruby Pumps it’s pretty darn close making it an affordable way to have a fun sparkly red.  It cost less than $3.00 at my local drugstore while Ruby Pumps runs about twice that much in many area stores making it cost effective.  Ruby Jewels is definitely a fun color and worth picking up if you’re on a budget as you’ll get nearly the same effect as Ruby Pumps.


Side By Side Comparison:


The Comparison




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Pacific Blue was my second time venturing into the world of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line.  What I like about the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line is the bold colors offered for a great price.  I have been very lucky getting all of my recent Sally Hansen products on sale making each bottle around $2.25 a piece.  Quite a deal, making my blue polish obsession grow!


Pacific Blue


The Application:  Pacific Blue was more pigmented than my first Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear pick Blizzard Blue which took five coats to become completely opaque.  With Pacific Blue, it only took two coats.  So much more practical.  The thing I don’t care for with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear is the brush.  The size of the brush is larger like the OPI polish brush that I so adore, but the problem is the bristles are very plasticy and stiff.  They barely give at all making it difficult to work with as the bristles don’t really move that well.  Still for $2.99 a bottle at regular price, I can’t really complain.  My other issue is the fumes of the polish.  Maybe it was just my bottle, but the chemical smell was very strong which I found surprising as Sally Hansen has dropped the big 3 nail polish toxins from their polishes.  A little disturbing.


Pacific Blue


The Color:  Are you kidding me?  If you are a fan of blue like I am, you will love this color, it really is amazing!  It’s what I would describe as a bright periwinkle blue.  Two coats create a beautiful, perfect, opaque creme finish with plenty of shine.  I guarantee you don’t have a blue quite like this one in your collection so pick up a bottle and enjoy the cool Pacific Blue.


The Verdict:  Amazing!  Sally Hansen knocked it out of the ball park with the color on this one.  It truly is a unique blue that you won’t find anywhere else.  My only true issue with this nail polish is the fumes, it really is quite strong.  Would I but it again?  I am really tempted, but the smell does makes me curious as to what’s in there.  My advice? When applying this polish, make sure you are in a well ventilated room.  That way you can avoid headaches while rocking a great blue color!


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