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I read the whole Hunger Games series in five days while on holiday break from school and work.  It was supposed to be a relaxing time, but instead, I stayed up late every night reading the books like a manic only to wake up grumpy and tired the next day.  My family was confused as they thought I should be relaxed while visiting home.  They had no clue about my late night obsession. I finally finished The Mockingjay on the plane ride back to NYC.  I won’t ruin anything for anybody, but the ending left me cold.  I remember looking out over the Atlantic as the plane turned to land at JFK thinking, “are you kidding me”?!?  Still, the first and second book are pretty damn good, so go into the third book with no expectations and you’ll be fine.  What does this have to do with the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection?  Absolutely nothing!

Anyway, I was thrilled when I received the polishes as there are some great polishes in the collection.   But I had to keep reminding myself that this was a spring collection.  The colors definitely lean more towards the fall color spectrum.  Still, I decided to finally try some of the colors from this collection as they have been sitting in my closet since March!  Besides,  the weather has been mostly rain, rain and more rain, so I decided to throw on Agroo as rain helps the flowers grow, so why not?


The Application:  I was surprised by Agro!  It’s what I would call a one coat wonder as it’s really pigmented.  I never trust one coaters though as I am afraid of bald spots so I threw on another coat to make sure I was fully covered.  I was!  The formula is great as well, not too runny and not too thick.  Perfecto!


The Color:  This is where I ran into some problems.  Agro is a deep, olive green, polish with metallic green and gold shimmer.  Gorgeous?  Yes, if you are a warm toned girl.  For the cool toned girl?  Not so much.  I felt like I was at Red Lobster with my long, red lobster claws grabbing for one more cheese biscuit.  It’s defintely not Agros fault, but rather genetics for giving me the wrong coloring for green polish.

Agro Extreme

The Verdict: Look, Agro is a great polish for all of you warm toned girls out there.  It’s not for me though.  Did I like it, yes, yes I did.  Will I wear it again.  Heck yeah!  Is it flattering?  Not so much.  But I’ll still rock it anyway as I do love the color and the formula is great.  I’ll just wait until fall where this color will really shine.


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