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Zoya Gaia

Riding the NYC subway is always an adventure and usually not a good one.  But once in a while you will see something lovely once you get past the gum and garbage remnants left behind by careless strap hangers.  One early morning, while being crammed onto a stalled train, I spotted the loveliest shade of white polish on the tips of a well put together rider’s nails and toes.  At that moment, as the dude next to me breathed his garlic breath onto my face, I realize I wanted to look that clean and refreshed on the Q Train in 88 degree weather with full humidity!  So inspired by this lovely lady, I went home, dug through my stash and pulled out Zoya’s Gaia.


Gaia – It Isn’t This White in Person


The Application:  On Zoya’s site, Gaia is listed as being highly opaque.  Not so much.  It took Gaia four coats, count em’ four coats to become opaque. That does not equal high pigment in my book.  Also, for me, Gaia was a little runnier than I am used to, but I made it work.




The Color: Gaia is a clean, white polish with warm flecks of golden shimmer giving it more depth than most stark white polishes you’ll find on the market.  You know, the type that look like you raided the White Out aisle at Staples.  I have a problem wearing most white polishes because of the White Out effect.  Let’s face it, pure white doesn’t look good on most girls with a pale complexion.  But Gaia worked!  Even with the gold shimmer which normally looks pretty bad on my complexion thanks to my cool coloring, Gaia worked!




The Verdict:  Yes, Gaia is a little warm for my cool complexion, but I didn’t care.  I actually found it quite appealing!  It was clean, fresh and well kept, exactly what I was looking for thanks to the inspiration of the Q Train muse.  Also, Gaia lasted a good five days before I had to switch it due to wear.  It helps that Gaia is a light color because it makes seeing the wear a heck of a lot harder.  Even though it took four coats for Gaia to become opaque I will still give it a thumbs up.  It really is a pretty polish!






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