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Yes, I am back!  While playing a little basketball a few weeks back, tragedy struck!  Okay, it wasn’t a full on game of basketball, but rather one of those miniature two player games where you shoot to see who can make the most baskets at the arcade.  The good news is I won, but sadly in the process, I broke one of my nails!  There was no way to fix it, so I had to drop off the face of the planet.  Well, thanks to fast growing nails, I’m back, baby!  Time to celebrate with a little gray jelly action.  P.S. You can still see a little damage to the nail as it is slightly more rounded.  What can I say, I tried!

My Pointe Exatly

Pirouette My Whistle









The Application:  My Pointe Exactly went on perfectly.  At first I was concerned that there would be major streaking which tends to be a big problem with sheers.  Well, at least for me it is a problem, but with My Pointe Exactly, it was a none issue.  It did take three coats to get the desired effect I was looking for.  OPI’s Ballet Collection in general is fabulous, but if you have any staining on your nails, it will most likely show with this collection as it peeks through the polish.  My Pointe Exactly is the exception.

As for Pirouette My Whistle?  The application was slightly trickier as the glitter was a little hard for me to get on the brush at first.  The best way to make it work for you is to hold the bottle upside down briefly and then go for that fabulous glitter.  Totally worth it!


My Pointe Exactly

My Pointe Exactly with Pirouette My Whistle

The Color:  My Pointe Exactly is a gray jelly with a tad bit of blue.  Yes, I said it, a gray jelly which is not easy to find in the nail polish wild.  Well, congrats, OPI made one just for you!

Pirouette My Whistle is a clear based polish comprised of small silver glitter and larger hexagonal glitter.  If you like glitter but are afraid of being obnoxious, step out of your comfort zone.  Pirouette My Whistle is dainty and very understated for a glitter.  Fabulous!

My Pointe Exactly

My Pointe Exactly w/Pirouette My Whistle

The Verdict:  My Pointe Exactly is amazing!  It’s the perfect shade of gray for the cool skinned girls out there.  Usually,  grays look questionable on me, but thanks to the hint of blue, this puppy is just right!  If you are not a fan of sheers, My Pointe Exactly will completely change your mind, along with the rest of the rest of the collection.

Pirouette My Whistle is gorgeous, it really is!  This is one glitter that most can agree on, even those who find glitter to be a little gaudy at times (that would not be me, wear it loud and proud, I say).  It’s pretty, understated and can jazz up any polish out there for a fantastic finish.  Be prepared.  I have used Pirouette My Whistle on another one of the colors in the collection but didn’t photograph it thanks to the hideous break in my nail at the time.  It’s a bit of a pain to remove, so be prepared and find something mindless to watch on TV so you don’t get annoyed.

All in all, I am really pleased with OPI’s Ballet Collection and can’t wait to review more.  For someone who doesn’t normally like neutrals and sheers, this collection is pure win in every way!  Just be prepared to buff your nails if you have any stains, otherwise, they will show up under the more light colors of the collection.  If you are too lazy, than go for My Pointe Exactly, it covers a multitude of sins!  Don’t forget Pirouette My Whistle!

My Pointe Exactly w/Pirouette My Whistle







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